eduvertex classroom program is one of the  most structured and systematic regular classroom program for IIT entrance test.

1-Years Classroom Program synchronises  Board with Jee -Advanced curriculum simultaneously. The dissemination of knowledge in basic science and Mathematics by classroom activities and e-VCP* interaction is our prime objective .  The purpose of the classroom program is also to imbibe the problem-solving skills, logical ability and settled the examination temperament etc . During the classroom program students pertain the skills in multi dimensional s way like personality transformation , compatible behaviour and explicit thinking . Our endless approach is to inculcate  the social , moral value so they could be able to contribute significantly in all dimensions in the society.

Course Coverage  XII – BOARD | NATA
Tenures  & Academic Hours One Years – April-June 2017 To May 2019 |  2700Hrs.
Eligibility Class XTH Appeared / Passed
Available Batch Timing 8.00AM – 11.00AM

1.00PM – 4.00PM

4.00PM – 7.00PM

Lecture Frequency 6-Lectures/ Weekdays – 3 Hrs.

1-Lecture/Sunday – 6 Hrs.

Test & Evaluation The Test and evaluation process is the most useful

Component of academic curriculum. There are following types of test conduct in classroom program. Each test has their own significance. All these test and evaluation process conducted on e-VCP.


eduvertex Classroom Assessment is some unique features of Classroom Program, where short answer type questions and MCQ topics to be asked on the current day followed by the lectures.

Weekend asignment :

A assignment is prepared based on current week course coverage having asked theoretical and numerical questions of essay type to be answered in 1.5Hrs/subject. It is conducted on Sunday having 4.5-6Hrs. Duration.

Practice Test

After completion of each chapters, students has to finish practice set , which give practice to various pattern of questions before writing the actual chapter wise tests

Chapter wise Test

After finishing of chapters and practice set , three types of test are conducted as follows :

  • Board Pattern
  • Jee-Main Pattern
  • Jee-Advanced pattern

Part Test

A part test on each subjects is conducted after completion of three chapters. Part test is also conducted on the following patterns :

  1. Board Pattern
  2. Jee-Main Pattern
  3. Jee-Advanced pattern

Full Length Test (FLT)

FLT series is conducted during class XI after finishing of entire syllabus of XI. FLT series conducts in month of January to February during Class XI.

Grand Test

Grand Test series is conducted during class XII after finishing of entire syllabus of XI and XII both. FLT series conducts in month of January to May during Class XI.

Course Flow
  • Monthly Academic Calendar
  • PART  TEST @ e-VCP
E-VCP eduvertex- Virtual Classroom Program details
E-SAT eduvertex-Scholarship cum Admission Test details
Course Fee Total Amount : INR 1,60,000.00 +G.S.T.

For Scholarship Amount 

Tenure :   The 1-Years Classroom Program begin in the Month of April – June -2017 and it goes to May-2019 after completion of Jee-Advanced examination. Holidays during the course is mentioned in the Academic Calendar.


Academic Hours is the accumulative academic affairs between eduvertex and students of 2-Years Classroom Program. It includes the following activities

  • Lectures
  • eCA – eduvertex Class Assessment
  • Test , Discussion & Analysis
  • Seminars
  • Workshops etc.
Standard Month Academic Hours

3-Hours /Mon.-Saturday || 6-Hours / Sunday

Academic Hours Total Academic Hours Year wise
XII APRIL Weekdays 25Days X 3Hrs.=75Hrs.



Total Monthly Academic Hours =105Hrs.

105Hrs. 1620Hrs




July-January 7Months X 105 Hrs. 735Hrs.
Self Preparation + Board Examination
April-May 60Days X 8Hrs. = 480Hrs. 480 Hrs.

Course structure  is compiled chapter wise  with consideration of Board , Jee-Main and Jee-Advanced syllabus together. The chapter wise hours weightage  respectively for lectures , eCA and test & assessment are demarcated below.


Monthly Academic Calendar

2-Hrs.-LECTURE + 1-Hr.-ECA






(After Completion of Chapter Subject wise)



(After Completion of Practice Set-Chapter wise)



(After Completion of 3-Chapters-subject Wise)




(After Completion of Class XI-Syllabus)



(After Completion of Class XI & XII Syllabus)


Test and Evaluation process is an integral part of the curriculum. We believe that the regular guided practice and rehearsal gives a leading edge to the subject. Assessment is an essential component of the teaching-learning process. eduvertex Academic curriculum is based on Lecture-Assessment-Evaluation-Analysis Methodology.

eduvertex Classroom Program is clubbed with eduvertex- Virtual Classroom Program commonly known as e-VCP.

There are following Types of assessment for Classroom Program students through e-VCP platform.

  • e-CA
  • Weekend Test & Assignment
  • Chapter wise Practice Set
  • Chapter wise Test
  1. Board/ School Pattern
  2. Jee-Main Pattern
  3. Jee-Advanced Pattern
  4. NEET Pattern
  5. AIIMS Pattern etc.
  • Part Test
  • Full Length Test
  • Grand Test

e-VCP : eduvertex -Virtual Classroom Program is one of the best Machine-Man Interaction Platform. It is a broad e-Learning Platform having  end to end learning solution. Here a sincere learner can get anything from anywhere at any time through Desktop , Laptop , Tab or Smartphone  in a most user friendly way.  e-VCP is a boon for average to studios student to learn according their pace. It helps immensely to our Classroom students as well for assessment and evaluation process.

e-VCP  has enormous learning features , Explain you  in brief about it.

  • LECTURES : e-VCP contains subtopics wise lectures in following formats.
  1. Lecture Notes : Unparalleled – incomparable Teaching Notes topic wise is available
  2. Video Lectures : Topic wise Video lectures to explain the lecture notes interactively
  3. Animated Video : To have a better understanding of the subjects animated video is incorporated wherever it requires for subject elaboration.
  4. Audio Notes : To be incorporate to learn even while you will be in motion.
  • eCA : eduvertex Class assessment is one of the UNIQUE feature of eduvertex -Virtual Classroom Program

(e-VCP). Here an Instructor conduct various types of an assessment followed by his/her lecture to get better subject understanding and acceptability. It also ensures the daily practice of fundamental questions of the subject taught in the class itself. This practice helps the students to learn concept thoroughly and subsequently get interest in the subject too. The following type of assessment may ask in eCA.

Chapterwise Practice set  Description
Topic’s Name :
Number Of Conceptual Questions © Number Of Moderate Questions (M) Number Of Advanced

Questions (A)

Mcq Single Choice    Mcq Single Choice    Mcq Single Choice   
Mcq One Or More Choice    Mcq One Or More Choice    Mcq One Or More Choice   
Comprehension   Comprehension   Comprehension  
Multiple Matching


  Multiple Matching


  Multiple Matching


Single Digit Integer (Subjective)   Single Digit Integer (Subjective)   Single Digit Integer (Subjective)  
True/False   True/False   True/False  
  • Weekend Test & Assignment :  An instructor can conduct the weekend test and ask for assignment submission according to the portion covered in current week as each lecture notes is covered with school/board pattern questions  and also conduct MCQ test of the current week portion.

The weekend test and assignment is of 90 minute duration subject wise and it is available on e-VCP.

It helps the student to maintained regular subject practice for both school/ board  and competitive point of view.

  • Chapter wise Practice Set : After completion of each chapter a student has to do various type and level of practice questions according to their competitive aim to get ample practice to write the chapter wise test.

This practice set help you to get solution immediately after submission button so a student can compare with their method solving or know to get the solution of wrong questions.

  • Chapter wise Test :  After completion of each chapter a student can write / has to write especially for classroom program according to program she/he  is enrolled with. The questions asked in any of the mentioned  examination is within the chapter itself though the paper pattern is according to the paper pattern of the respective examination.
  1. Board/ School Pattern
  2. Jee-Main Pattern
  3. Jee-Advanced Pattern
  4. NEET Pattern
  5. AIIMS Pattern etc.
  • Part Test:

A part test comprises 4 chapters in each of the subjects  Physics , Chemistry ,  Mathematics and Biology . A part covers the monthly portion of the subjects. There are total 4-Part Tests in Class –XI and 10 -Part Tests in Class-XII. Board/ School Pattern. Part Tests in Class XI conduct as an average frequency of 2-3 months and in class XII it conducts between 15th  September to 30th  November.

  1. Board Pattern
  2. Jee-Main Pattern
  3. Jee-Advanced Pattern
  4. NEET Pattern
  5. AIIMS Pattern etc.

Evaluation and Analysis conduct after each tests.

Full Length Test (FLT): It is a test series conducted in each year of Class XI and XII separately , after completion of entire syllabus. There are following types Full Length Test conducts every year.

  1. Board/ School Pattern
  2. Jee-Main Pattern
  3. Jee-Advanced Pattern
  4. NEET Pattern
  5. AIIMS Pattern etc.

In class XI , the Board pattern Full-Length Test  series are like a Mock Tests in the similar pattern of school/college level examination and in Class XII it  is based on Board pattern and it conducts in month of January every year. The FLT series for competitive examination are based on XI syllabus only respectively during academic session of Class XI and it conducts month of December during Class XI.

GRAND TEST : Grand Test series based on the entire syllabus of XI and XII for competitive examinations and only XII syllabus for Board Pattern type.It provides rigorous practice of the competitive examination and it also creates the very similar environment to that of the real competitive examination. The motto of this testis to stimulate and develop the right examination temperament. It commences in Class XII during December- January Month for both competitive and Board Point of view though after 15th March Onwards Grand Tests conducts according to dates of the competitive examinations. The Types of Grand Test are

  1. Board/ School Pattern
  2. Jee-Main Pattern
  3. Jee-Advanced Pattern
  4. NEET Pattern
  5. AIIMS Pattern etc.

For detail copy of test and evaluation schedule is available to enrolled students at academic reception Desk.

Through  eduvertex  Scholarship cum Admission Test  (e-SAT) to get  minimum  60%  marks . To know more about e-SAT Click here

Total Amount : INR 1,60,000.00 +G.S.T.

SINGLE PAYMENT : 1,50,000.00 +G.S.T

BI-MONTHLY : (80,000.00 X 2 ) +G.S.T

eduvertex Scholarship Cum Admission Test (e-SAT) is the required criteria for admission in 2-years classroom program and also for scholarship of meritorious  students. The admission cum scholarship criteria is as follows :

e-SAT % Marks SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT Admission in 2-year classroom program
Less than 50% Not Applicable Not Applicable
50% to 60% No Scholarship Not Applicable
60% to 80% 10% of Total Fees Applicable
80% to 90% 20% of Total Fees Applicable
More than 90% 30% of Total Fees Applicable