The faculty of any institution is actually the brain of the entire system. For this particular reason, eduvertex has made it a point that its faculty is one of the best for which the people constituting it have been specially handpicked from across the city on the basis of their exceptional achievements in their respective spheres of work.

The faculty has been selected through a very stern and rigorous process which looks into every minute detail that may be associated with its standards. The outcome is an excellent faculty with members whose qualifications and achievements speak volumes about their caliber and expertise.

The main features of eduvertex academic policies are –

  • Focus is on the concepts clearance .
  • Encouragement & Development for problem solving .
  • Learning by understanding and then putting it to practical use.
  • Developing skills that are essential for the industry.
  • Providing motivational perks to innovative, out-of-the-box ideas.