Course Structure

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I Physical World and Measurement
Chapter–1: Physical World
Chapter–2: Units and Measurements
II Kinematics
Chapter–3: Motion in a Straight Line
Chapter–4: Motion in a Plane
III Laws of Motion
Chapter–5: Laws of Motion
IV Work, Energy and Power
Chapter–6: Work, Energy and Power
V Motion of System of Particles
Chapter–7: System of Particles and Rotational Motion
VI Gravitation
Chapter–8: Gravitation
VII Properties of Bulk Matter
Chapter–9: Mechanical Properties of Solids
Chapter–10: Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Chapter–11: Thermal Properties of Matter
VIII Thermodynamics
Chapter–12: Thermodynamics
IX Kinetic Theory of Gases
Chapter–13: Kinetic Theory
X Oscillation & Waves
Chapter–14: Oscillations
Chapter–15: Waves
XI Electrostatics
Chapter-16: Electric Charges and Fields
Chapter-17: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
XII Current Electricity
Chapter-18: Current Electricity
XIII Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism
Chapter-19: Moving Charges and Magnetism
Chapter-20: Magnetism and Matter
XIV Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current
Chapter-21: Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter-22: Alternating Current
XV Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter-23: Electromagnetic Waves
XVI Optics
Chapter-24: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
Chapter-25: Wave Optics
XVII Dual Nature of Matter
Chapter-26: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
XVIII Atoms & Nuclei
Chapter-27: Atoms
Chapter-28: Nuclei
XIX Electronic Devices
Chapter-29:  Semiconductor  Electronics
XX Communication Systems
Chapter-30: Communication Systems