Gives you a Quick overview of each chapter before diving in  to the Practice  Test.
Covers Most Important Topics and Points.


PRACTICE TEST :  ” PRACTICE  ” leads to success. 

This  Chapter-wise test is a System Generated Test ,that helps you to practice from very basic to advance level so as to achieve strong concept ,You can also monitor your understanding and progress as you go along with all chapters. giving you high confidence at initial phases of your evaluation. every time you appear for practice test you get different sets of question.


UNIT  TEST : ” Rigorous Assessment ” 

Test your preparation as you PROGRESS in UNITS through chunks of MOCK TEST.
Units are designed keeping in mind the syllabus  of JEE-MAINS as prescribed by CBSE board. the test is  Cumulative in Nature i.e 60 % syllabus from current UNIT and 40 % from previous one.


GRAND TEST : ” Get Better with every Test you Appear ” 

GRAND TEST gives you what is needed to crack the most toughest and competitive level exams ,These Grand Test can greatly assist you in ldeveloping the right time management and course management skills needed. It will also keep you toe to toe with the unknown competitors nationwide.


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