Test and Evaluation process is a part of the curriculum. We believe that the regular guided practice and rehearsal gives a leading edge to career. Assessment is an integral part of the teaching-learning process. Eduvertex Test series program is one of the useful components of our academic curriculum. It has been divided into four parts.

eCA : eduvertex Class assessment is one of the UNIQUE feature of eduvertex classroom program. Here we conduct an objective and Short answer type assessment which is based on the current day lecture and followed by it and guided by the same faculty member. It ensure the daily practice of essential questions in the class itself. It also emphasize the concept dealt in the lecture throughly and hence develop the interest in the subject.

UNIT TEST : A unit comprises 2–3 chapters in each of the subjects namely physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics according to the HSC | CBSE curriculum. A unit covers the monthly portion of the subjects. There are total 8-UNITS in Class –XI and 5-UNITS in Class-XII. Each UNIT TEST comprises the following TESTS every month. It is cumulative in nature.

  • UNIT TEST — Boards Pattern
  • UNIT TEST –IIT-JEE Pattern

Evaluation, Discussion and parents meeting followed by Unit tests is a part of it.

MODULE TEST : A Module is comprises with Units of XI and XII. There are Total Six Module tests . It commences from the first week of September in Class-XII. Each module is a 15-days of a program. It covers revision of units, Module tests, paper discussion and its analysis. Each MODULE comprises the following TESTS fortnightly. It is cumulative in nature.

  • MODULE TEST — Boards Pattern

MOCK TEST : Mock Test is a grand test series based on the entire syllabus. It provides rigorous practice of the competitive examination and it also creates the very similar environment to that of the real competitive examination. The motto of this testis to stimulate and develop the right examination temperament. It commences from Third week of October in Class-XII. Each MOCKTEST comprises the following TESTS each week. It is a full length test.

  • MOCK TEST — Boards Pattern

MOCK TEST followed by discussion and analysis is a part of the curriculum. For detail copy of all test program, contact to office reception desk.