With humility and honor, I took the responsibility to impart share training to young minds with name of eduvertex on May 10th 2012.

I have been working in the coaching industry, since last 15 years and got an opportunity to train over thousands of young minds for IIT-JEE .

Teaching is my passion , Over thousands of my students got selected in IIT-JEE , some of them came up with flying colors like Jhanardhan Reddy and Dayashankar Reddy who secured 7th and 17th All India Rank respectively in IIT-JEE 2010 and many more..

During my service, as a position of physics Professor, at some of the premium institutes ‚I have learned and experienced a lot .

I have realize and perceive many pros and cons in educational industry which leads to success and failure in competitive examination.

I would like to share my view to make you understand how to get success in career. At very first, one should understand that success is not a lofty goal that one get once and become happy for entire life It is the state of mind to get success at every moment and always strive hard with passion to get Success .

As a science student you should understand the light on the Earth hence the life is due to steady and continuous fusion process at the core of the Sun.

Similarly to get success you should have a passion to work hard and your brain should work actively and constantly towards your goal . That is why , ‘eduvertex’ is made with all corrective measures and with a clear goal in mind, that each individual must be in the state of success at every moment in their career building process, consistently and continuously.

We closely monitor to each individual and sync them with the right support system at the right time throughout the tenure of the our simple and self-discipline structured program and it is our motto to develop the habit of success in each students for ever in their life.

Thank you