• 2-Years Classroom Program is a structured and systematic, regular classroom programs for those who are aiming for a career in Engineering, Pharmacy, Fisheries, Biotechnology etc.
  • eduvertex classroom program is synchronized with XI+XII BOARDS and MHT-CET curriculum .
  • We start from the fundamentals of the subjects, help them to understand the MHT-CET curriculum.
  • Classroom Program is to improve their problem-solving skills, logical ability and settled the examination temperament .
  • We frequently conduct seminars, quizzes etc. to enhance their interpersonal skills.
  • e-VCP* interaction is our prime objective .
  • Be confident, and join our hands for better Result.


We have Best Chapter-wise Concepts which is developed by IITians and Doctors.

These Concepts Includes -

  • Concepts with Memory maps
  • Solved Problems
  • Unsolved Problems etc.


Notes are nothing But the questions and answers booklet which are based on their Board and College curriculum.

Notes includes -

  • Very short answer type questions
  • Short answer type questions
  • Brief answer type questions
  • Long answer type questions
  • Solved and Unsolved Numerical etc.


  • eCA i.e eduvertex class Assessment is one of the best feature of two years classroom program which provides the daily preparation for the entrance test like MHT-CET.
  • The eCA is based on the 2:30 hrs lecture topic which provides daily practice for the students to enhance their skills to ask questions to the respective faculties and with their friends.


Practice sets are available chapter-wise as per the course MHT-CET pattern.

The practice sets are available are online @ in which each sets consist of 10 questions.

These practice sets are helpful in preparation of MHT-CET entrance examination.

Is also helpful to boost your subject understanding chapter wise and ensure you for a better preparation always!

Benefits of practice sets -

  • Practice online anywhere
  • Immediate solutions
  • Practice infinite times


Chapter-wise test are conducted after chapter completion each subject wise Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology respectively, these helps you to understand, the chapter-wise progress and learning during the 2-Yrs Classroom Program.

These chapter-wise tests are helpful to prepare for their entrances test like MHT-CET and BOARD exams for their respective colleges.

As it has immediate solutions with your responses that you have marked.

The Chapter-wise tests are available are online @ as per different exam patterns like -



After completion of chapter wise test we conduct a part test. The part tests are conducted after completion of 4-5 chapters each subject wise Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology respectively, during the 2-Yrs Classroom Program.

The Part test gives you a strong foundation about those chapters so if you appear for college exams that will helps you a lot!

These Part tests are helpful to prepare the exams like MHT-CET & BOARD.

The Part tests gives a brief idea about the real exams like first term, second term etc. As it has immediate solutions with your responses that you have marked.

These also of different patterns like -



The Grand test are conducted after completion of part tests each subject wise Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics respectively,during the 2-yrs classroom program.

The Grand test conducted During the class XI and class XII, Its a full length test,which is similar to real test like MHT-CET & BOARD examination.

These Grand tests are helpful to prepare for entrance and boards exams. As it has immediate solutions with your responses that you have marked.

These Grand tests also available online as per different exam patterns like -



  • Results and analysis are available online @ in the results section for different exams patterns.
  • As you are appear for different exams like eCA, MHT-CET etc. At the same time you will get immediate Results and Analysis of the test which you have appear for.
  • These gives you a brief idea about your performance of daily basis, where you need to work hard.
  • All the results are available Subject wise to the website in results section with different patterns like MHT-CET, BOARDS etc.


  • eGP stand for eduvertex grade points which is a unique feature of 2-yrs classroom program which are available @ i.e eduvertexlive platform, where you will get an overall average performance of your tests out of 5 grade point.
  • These will help you to understand your absolute and relative position towards your goal.
  • As where you stand, how more or less you need to practice etc.


Support is the most important factor into the success of any institute.

eduvertex support system will help you in every step towards your goal to make your things smooth.

  • Online Support (Doubt over the phone)
  • Offline Support (Classroom support)
  • Through Chat Process
  • Immediate hints & solutions
  • Through video lectures
  • Live support wherever required